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Obtaining a personal website is fairly easy. You just need to call or email the webmaster with your request. There are however a few things you should know:
We prefer your personal web account username be the same as your dial up username, but the server is limited to 8 characters. Also, the server can only have letters and numbers in the username. You can have a different password if you want one (for example, your dial up password is one thing, so that your children cannot get online without supervision, but you allow them to maintain a website).
If you are planning to use Microsoft's FrontPage 98, 2000, 2002, or XP (not FrontPage Express) to design your webpage, I need to know so I can setup FrontPage extensions in your web directory, to enable FrontPage's advanced features.
For various reasons the personal web server cannot host additional domain names ( Web sites with domain names will have to be hosted as a commercial site.
Personal webspace is 10 Megabytes, or about 7 - 3.5" floppies. If you exceed 10 megabytes, you will automatically be billed $.50 per megabyte each month. .
While Valley Internet provides backups of our customers data on our webservers, we do not maintain these backups indefinitely. Any requests for file restoration should be made in a timely fashion. Also, while server up time is important to Valley Internet, the personal web server is not considered a critical component to our operations and restoration of service on that server will not be of the highest priority in a crisis.
Personal webspace is for a personal, non-commercial site only. No banner ads or solicitations of products or services, commercial/affiliate links, or storage for other sites for commercial purposes (including auction sites such as Ebay) are allowed. Also, no adult, illegal, warez, hacker, or similar objectionable content is allowed.

  • Web files must be uploaded to the html directory.
  • In order for our system to recognize the first (index) page of your webpage you must name that page index.htm, index.html, or default.htm (or index.shtml if using SSI. If you don't know what that means don't worry about it it's not important to you).
  • Once you have an index page on your site, it will be automatically listed on our personal server homepage within 48 hours
  • The operating system you are putting files on is case sensitive... the index file must be index.html, not INDEX.html or index.HTML for it to work right. If you upload a graphic named picture.JPG the link in the file that points to it must use picture.JPG, not Picture.JPG or picture.jpg.
  • There are a few more major details. Don't worry if you don't understand some of this. Many of these details apply to more advanced web design and usage, and can be safely ignored by most people.
  • We have an automatic Web Log generator to show you your 'hits'. The information is compiled weekly and at the end of the month. To access it, go to If you wish to stop the logs from being generated read the instructions at
  • Please note that the usage directory will not be there until a week or so after your website is created. In order to use CGI files create a cgi-bin directory in your root directory (/home/yoursite) and place the files in there, and make them executable. In order to access them use the url
  • Our server supports CGI, HTML, SSI, and has Perl, Compilers for various flavors of C, Unix Shell, and similar systems. We support MS FrontPage via FrontPage Extensions for Apache. We do not support JSP, ASP, PHP, or CGI written in Visual Basic.