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Q: What is DSL? What is ADSL?

A: DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) service is a broadband (greater than 200k connect) connection to the internet. It has several advantages over other types of connections:

  • It is 'always on'.
  • While it uses a phone line, its signal rides 'above' the normal phone line frequencies, allowing you to use the same line for both voice and data simultaneously (no more busy signals).
  • It is many times faster than standard dial up.
There are many forms of DSL, the type of DSL we provide is Asymmetric DSL... ADSL. That simply means that the speed to you is faster than the speed from you. This is built into the technology and is what enables it to deliver the speeds it does over the standard phone line.

Q: So, I can get DSL from you and replace that slow modem?

A: We hope so. While we would love be able to provide DSL to every customer, we are unfortunately limited to where Bellsouth will allow us to deploy it. (We are using their phone lines, after all.) Also, at this time we are only able to provide you DSL if you can receive phone service from Bellsouth.

Q: How can I find out if I qualify for DSL?

A: Fill out the form below and we will check on your availability.

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Q: What about IDSL, SDSL, etc...?

A: We do not provide those forms of DSL at this time, and have no plans to begin providing them.

Q: Can I use normal phones and accessories with a DSL line?

A: Yes, since the line is part a 'normal' phone line. You will need a splitter installed, either at each jack, or preferably one that splits the DSL line off the main phone line for the entire building.

Q: What are the advantages of DSL over cable internet service?

A: Even though many cable services advertise cheaper rates and faster speeds, cable uses a different style of connection than DSL to get you to the internet. When you are on cable you are on a 'network' with up to several hundred other customers, which can slow each individual down dramatically. Also, with cable service you often must pay for premium level cable service in addition to modem rental fees, networking costs, and other 'hidden fees' which drives the price up. Finally, with Valley Internet's fast efficient DSL service, you still get the same level of quality service and support we are well known for.

Q: My business or residence does not qualify for DSL or cable, and ISDN is just not fast enough, what else can I do?

A: For business and residential customers that need the bandwidth, we can provide high reliability, large bandwidth connections (fractional T1's and up) anywhere in our 22 county service area. The costs associated usually place them well out of reach of the small business and residential market however, often in the neighborhood of several thousand dollars per month. If you are interested, please contact Larry Barnes with details regarding your bandwidth requirements and location.