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Q: How do I get access to my personal webpage?

A: First your webspace has to be set up on the personal webserver. Call us or email the webmaster to get it setup. Also let us know if you wish to use Microsoft FrontPage. For more information go to the webpage faq.

Q: How do I get access to my unix shell account?

A: It has to be setup first. Call us or email the webmaster

Q: How do I find out how long I've been online this month?

A: Click on the Customer Login link on the main page, and log in using your primary email account's username and password. Once you are logged in click on the usage tab to get a summary of your usage for the month.

Q: I entered my username and password but it said they were not correct. Why?

A: The username and password are case sensitive. Also, make sure you use the username associated with your primary email address, but not the whole email address (name instead of

Q: I want to pay my bill to Valley Internet online.

A: In the same customer info area, you can look at your invoices, and pay any outstanding ones by Credit Card. You may also change your statement type (email or printed and mailed) and setup automatic credit card billing. Our billing is processed on the first of every month.

Q: I'm getting slow connects with my 56k modem, how can this be fixed?

A: 56k and modems issues in general have their own FAQ. Please go there.

Q: What is ISDN?

A: Please go to our ISDN FAQ.

Q: What is DSL? What is ADSL

A: Please go to our DSL FAQ.