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Q: How do I get access to my personal webpage?

A: First your webspace has to be set up on the personal webserver. Call us or email the webmaster to get it setup. Also let us know if you wish to use Microsoft FrontPage.

Q: How do I get access to my unix shell account?

A: It has to be setup first. Call us or email the webmaster.

Q: What are the content rules for a personal webpage.

A: This account is for a personal, non-commercial site only. No banner ads, solicitations of products or services, or affiliate/commercial linking are allowed. Also, no adult content is allowed.

Q: I put some images for Ebay on my website, but the links show up broken even though I am sure I have them right.

A: We consider Ebay and similar auction sites to be commercial use of a web account, and we have locked out Ebay and other auction sites from accessing graphics on our server. If you wish to host images for Ebay or similar sites on our servers, you will need us to setup a commercial web account with us.

Q: Where is my personal webpage located?

A: Usually at We can give you a different address, and will need to if your username is longer than eight characters.

Q: What about

A: Newt is the machine name of our personal web server. The names are interchangeable.

Q: How do I setup a domain name for my personal web account?

A: Our personal web server does not support multiple domain names for a variety of reasons. If you want a domain name associated with your website, I'm afraid you will need to setup a commercial web account.

Q: How much web space do I have?

A: Personal web/shell accounts have 10 Megabytes of space, about 7 - 3.5" floppies worth of storage, enough data to require approximately 40 minutes to download at the average dial up connect speed of our customers, or approximately 10x the space taken up by the entire 'Tech support' section of our website, images included. Commercial web accounts have 20 Megabytes of space. Both types of web accounts will allow you to use more space if you need it, which we will automatically bill you at $0.50 per megabyte per month.

Q: How do I put my page up on the server?

A: Unless you are using Microsoft FrontPage, you will generally use an FTP client to upload your page. Examples of FTP Clients include WS_FTP, Cute FTP, and Fetch. You can download these from sites like, or search for FTP clients on search engines like Google.
Also, Microsoft's Internet Explorer for Windows version 5.0 or later can be used to FTP as well, using the following procedure:

  • In the address bar type:
    you will see a screen with several folders.
  • Then, go to the File menu, and select Login As
  • Type in your username and password, IE will then log you in to your FTP account.
  • You will see 2 directories and a few files: cgi-bin, html
    Double click on html to enter it. This is your 'visible' web space.
  • To place files within your web space, copy them as you would files on your machine... examples:
    • Method a: Drag and drop. Get both windows open on your desktop and visible. Left click and hold your mouse button on the file you wish to transfer, drag the icon over the web browser window, and let go. It will then upload the file.
    • Method b: copy-paste. select the files in windows explorer that you wish to transfer, then go to the Edit menu, and select Copy. Then, in Internet Explorer while logged in and in your html directory, click on the Edit menu, and select Paste.
If you are using Microsoft FrontPage use the publish function and publish to

Q: How do I access my commercial website?

A: The same way you do a personal web site, except the url is . If you do not see a directory named html, look for one named after your domain name. Some types of our accounts are setup like that instead.
If using Microsoft FrontPage use the publish function and publish to .

Q: I uploaded my page, but certain graphics aren't working.

A: Unix (the operating system our servers run on) is case sensitive. Make sure the capitalization of your files is the same in the web document. (Ex: Picture.GIF will not be loaded if referenced as picture.gif)

Q: I uploaded my page, but all I get is a directory listing when I go there (or an Access forbidden message)

A: Your webpage must be loaded into the html subdirectory of your home directory. That is where the web server looks for your page.

A: Your 'first' webpage needs to be named index.html, index.htm, or default.htm. (all in lowercase) The server can't simply 'guess' which page to give viewers that don't ask for a specific one, so it must have some specific pages to look for.

Q: How do I add a counter to my page?

A: You need to put in a little raw HTML. A fairly standard counter can be done by <img src="" nosave>. Note username is your username, and x is something that distinguishes this counter from any others you may use. Nosave is a special tag for some types of page making software to prevent them from saving the counter's image. For more info see the counter documentation page.

Q: How do I use cgi scripts in my page?

A: In your home directory (/home/username) create a cgi-bin directory. Then, upload your cgi files to this directory. Finally, write the link to the cgi files like this:

A: For commercial customers, if you have a cgi-bin directory, you should be able to drop the files in there and link to them as . If that doesn't work contact the webmaster.

Q: I've set the cgi script up like you told me and something called 'cgiwrap' is giving me an error.

A: Call us or email the webmaster, so we can figure out what the problem is.