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Valley Internet is a full featured web hosting company, capable of providing simple web hosting, E-Commerce solutions, web design, streaming audio and video, Microsoft FrontPage support, and numerous other services.
Valley Internet allows it's premium service customers to host non-commercial web sites (without advertising) on its personal web server,, which can include CGI scripting and Microsoft FrontPage support.
Also, we have a robust web server for commercial web pages, capable of delivering a full range of solutions for your web presence. We currently host or have in the past hosted streaming audio and video, as well as shopping carts with secure online ordering, databases, message boards, software downloads, FTP servers, email auto responders, and mailing lists.
Not enough? Need full control of your own server, with your own software and security arrangements? Valley Internet can provide server co location at our facilities, complete with connections to our own backup power systems and direct access to our bandwidth. On site access is available 24/7 with reasonable notice.
Still not what you want for web hosting? Want your server at your place of business, instead of in ours? Valley Internet can provide high bandwidth data links (Fractional T1's and up), and advise you on purchasing and configuration of routers, firewalls, and other networking equipment.
Please, feel free to contact us for information on any of our hosting alternatives. If you have questions regarding services not listed above, again feel free to contact us.