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WebTV Instructions

To use your WebTV terminal you must establish an account both with WebTV and Valley Internet. WebTV will bill you and also Valley Internet billing will vary depending on the account type you choose.

Note: Screens may very well look somewhat different, but all the information should be the same.

Setting Up The WebTV Account

1. Connect WebTV unit to TV, AC power, and telephone line per instruction manual of the WebTV unit.
2. From the remote control or optional keyboard, push the power button.
3. The Terminal retrieves the closest WebTV direct access number (La Vergne, TN) and then places a toll call. This call MUST be made to establish your account with WebTV. Valley Internet Dial up information will be entered later.
4. Once connected, follow the on-screen instructions to sign up for a WebTV account.
5. After completing the account sign-up, if there is a software update available, click Update Now. The WebTV will now reconnect to the WebTV direct access number and retrieve any WebTV software updates. This will take several minutes.
6. When it says Updating Complete, click on Connect.
7. When the unit comes back on, click on Continue to call the WebTV direct access number again.
8. Follow the next set of instructions to configure your WebTV to use Valley Internet.

Connecting to Valley Internet via WebTV

1. From your WebTV home page, select Setup from the sidebar.
Web TV Graphic
2. In Setup, select Dialing.
Web TV Graphic
3. From this dialing options page, choose Use Your ISP.
** If you do not have the "Use your ISP" option, contact Customer Care at 1-800-GO-WEBTV to activate OpenISP.

Web TV Graphic
4. Read the information about OpenISP and select Continue.
Web TV Graphic
5. Continue reading, and select Continue.
Web TV Graphic
6. Continue reading, and select Continue.
Web TV Graphic

7. Enter your Valley Internet account info:
  • Click the checkbox to activate OpenISP
  • Enter Valley Internet as the Service Provider Name
  • Enter the user name and password pair you were assigned.
  • This information is available on the Data Sheet you were given.
  • Modem Dial In Numbers : Dial In Number : Click here to lookup a local dial-up number
  • Backup Number : Same as the Dial In Number
Web TV Graphic
8. Choose Done
WebTV hangs up and reconnects. Read the information screen and select Use ISP.
Web TV Graphic
9. Internet terminal connects to the WebTV Network. A confirmation screen will summarize your choices and provide you with the option to use your own ISP or use WebTV. Selecting Use your ISP will cause the WebTV Internet Terminal to redial using Valley Internet.
10. You're connected!

Setting Up Remote Mail Services

1. From your WebTV Home Page, choose Setup, then choose Mail, then Remote Mail.
2. Read the information about Using Remote Mail, then select Continue.
3. Enter your Valley Internet Email Information that is provided on the Data Sheet you were given.
  • POP3 user name : the user name on your data sheet
  • POP3 password : the password on your data sheet
  • POP3 server name :
  • Remove the check from the "Leave messages on server"
4. Click Continue, then read the Remote mail is on screen. Then click Done.
5. To check your mail, navigate back to the WebTV Home Page. Choose the Mail icon.
6. All mail delivered to your address will automatically show up in the Mail List.
To retrieve mail addressed to your email address, click on Fetch. Any messages addressed to your address will now show up in your mail list.

Getting To The Valley Internet Home Page

1. When your WebTV is connected to Valley Internet, press the Options button on the remote control.
2. Now choose the go to button.
3. In the address bar type, press the enter key on your keyboard or the go button on the remote. This will take you to the Valley Internet Home Page.