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Please note: These instructions are for our older Windows 95 Netscape 4.5 setup CD. If you have an older software distribution from us (Netscape 4.04 CD, or our Floppy disks) we very heavily recommend NOT installing those. Instead come and get our latest Internet Explorer setup CD, available free at our main offices and signup points. Also, if you have Windows 98, Me, XP, or 2000 you should follow the instructions for those machines, and not use the Netscape disk. If you want to browse the Internet using Netscape, we recommend going to Netscape's Website and downloading the latest release version. (As of December 13, 2002 Netscape 4.79 or Netscape 7.0)
A recent version is also available on our Internet Explorer CD.

Valley Internet Netscape Communicator 4.5 Setup

  1. Insert the Netscape Communicator CD into your CD-Rom Drive. If the CD does not AutoRun, follow the next two steps.
    Click on the <START> button, then select <RUN>.
    Type in D:\SETUP.EXE and press Enter. Netscape Communicator Setupwill load and begin copying files. If your CD-ROM isn't drive "D", replace the "D" with the drive letter of your CD-Rom.
  2. The Netscape Communicator : Dial Up Edition window will appear. Click on the first icon labeled Click here to install Netscape Communicator.
  3. In a moment, the Netscape Communicator Setup window will appear. Click<Next>
  4. A window will appear asking you to select the type of setup you prefer. "Typical" will be selected for you. Click <Next>
  5. It will now ask if you would like to create a directory for Netscape Communicator. Click <Yes>
  6. It will begin verifying that you have enough space.
  7. The computer is then ready to Start Copying Files. Click <Install>
  8. Netscape Communicator Setup is now complete. Click <OK.>
  9. After Setup has finished copying files, it will ask to restart your machine. Click <OK>.
  10. Setup will ask you to remove any floppy disks in your drives. Leave the CD in the drive, and click <OK>. Your machine will now reboot.
  11. After the computer reboots, a window will appear asking you for a username and password. Enter your USERNAME, but do NOT enter a password. Click <OK>
  12. A window will appear asking you to confirm your password. Click <OK> If the above steps prompting you for a username and password does not appear, continue on with the steps below.
  13. Click on the START button. From this menu select PROGRAMS, then select NETSCAPE COMMUNICATOR. Finally, select NETSCAPE ACCOUNT SETUP. If you have a previous version of Netscape Communicator on your machine, you may be prompted with an Account Setup window. The Create a New Account option will not include any information stored with an existing account, such as bookmarks, stored messages, or address books. The Overwrite an Existing Account is probably the best option. It will keep your stored information about an existing account. If you choose this option, you will be prompted to choose the account you want to make changes to in the next window.
  14. The Dial-up Edition window will appear. Click <Start>
  15. The Setting Up Communicator window will appear. Click <Next>
  16. The Your Account Access window will appear. If you live in Lincoln or Marshall counties (that is, you are a local call to Fayetteville or Lewisburg), click on the appropriate Valley Internet selection. IT IS IMPORTANT YOU SELECT THE CORRECT COUNTY. Click <Next>
  17. The Preparing To Set Up Access window will then appear. This window lets you know you will have to provide your login name and password, and gives you are local number for technical support. Click <Next>
  18. A window will then appear asking Information About Yourself. Enter your name (first Ė last / organization). The organization field is optional. Click <Next>
  19. A window will then appear asking for Your Account Access Phone Number. The phone number will already be selected for you. HOWEVER, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU ADD THE CORRECT AREA CODE 931. Click <Next>
  20. Your Account Login and Password window will appear. Enter you login username and password in the spaces provided. Note that you will need to enter your password twice. The box that ask you "I would like a terminal (TTY) window so that I can log in manually when I connect" can be left unchecked. Click <Next>
  21. Next, you will need to enter your E-mail Login and Password. Your E-mail username and password should be identical to you logon username and password. These fields should already be filled in with the information from the previous username/password screen. Click <Next>. If the username and/or password fields are not already filled in, enter your username and password again then click <Next>
  22. The next window Your Providerís Mail and News Server will be selected for you. Click <Next>
  23. Your Providerís Domain and DNS Server window will then appear. Click <Next>
  24. The next window will be Your Publishing Location. Leave all fields blank. Click <Next>
  25. Your Modem window will then appear asking for the type of modem to use. If you have already installed a modem, that modem will be selected.. If no modem is installed, you will need to install one. (Directions below on how to install a modem) Click <Next>
  26. To install a modem: In the Account Setup, on the Your Modem window, click on the modem icon in the middle of the page. Windows will begin trying to detect you modem. Click <Next>. After Windows detects the modem installed, it will fill in the necessary information. Click <Next>
  27. The Dialing Settings For Your Location will also be set for you. If you have call waiting, you can disable it to prevent any incoming calls from disconnecting you. To do so: go to where to says (Line Doesn't Have Call Waiting). Click on the arrow and select *70 from that menu. Click <Next>
  28. The next window will be for the Phone Number Of Your Location. This is your own phone number. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU ALSO ENTER THE CORRECT AREA CODE HERE 931. Click <Next> You're Done!! It will ask you if you would like to go ahead and <Connect Now> or <Done>. If you want to go ahead and connect, click <Connect Now>. If you want to finish setup and connect at a later time, click <Done>.

    Additional Applications and Plug-ins

    We have provided a variety of shareware and freeware applications and plug-ins on the Netscape Communicator CD. To access these programs, insert the Netscape Communicator CD and let it AutoRun. If it does not automatically start, click on the <START> button, then select <RUN>. Type D:\setup.exe (where D is the drive letter of your CD-ROM drive) and press enter. From this window, select either Bonus Applications or Bonus Plug-ins. This will bring up another window with a variety of applications. Click on the application or plug-in you want to install and follow the on screen directions.